Andel Plumbing, along with our senior staff and consultants, have developed ,and continue to develop, a culture of safe work practices designed to keep our staff, contractors, customers and the general public as safe as practicable during the entirety of that persons interaction with our company.

We have an in-house safety induction undertaken with all employees and sub-contractors and are in the process of inducting all employees and sub-contractors bi-annually.  All employees and sub-contractors have been trained and have obtained their blue card; Construction Safety Awareness card

Andel Plumbing have developed a 3 tier book system that endeavours to provide a safe working environment for everyone, all the time.

Black Book – Incorporates the fundamental policies which all Andel Plumbing Staff and contractors are expected to adhere to, including Induction procedure, site safety, Drug and Alcohol Policy and Harassment and Discrimination Policy details.

Blue Book – Consists of site related documentation to assist the safe completion of on-site projects and documenting procedures.

Red Book – Is the companies MSDS file and safe handling and storage guidelines file.

The Black Book is stored at the Andel Plumbing Premises and is available to all interested parties at all times, while

the red and blue books are kept in the company vehicles by the on site staff and in our many on site storage containers.

These books are regularly reviewed and updated to reflect the changing nature of the industry, procedures and the relevant regulations and acts.

Quality Assurance

Andel Plumbing are (by law of the Plumber’s Licensing Board) compelled to provide a high standard of workmanship and provide all fittings, pipework and material of the highest quality allowed and must meet Australian Standards.

Accreditation, although not documented, can be found through contracts which Andel Plumbing have completed through various large construction companies and have completed all work with all safety policies and training in place.


Andel Plumbing provides essential services to our wide client base and are committed to ensuring protocols are in place to protect our environment.

Firstly, this policy applies to all our operations of Andel Plumbing divisions within the company structure.

All our employees, and where practicable Andel Plumbing sub-contractors and suppliers, will comply with and support implementation of this policy.

Andel Plumbing are committed to:

  • Playing a leading role in the sustainable future of our water resources.
  • Compliance with applicable environmental legal requirements and with other environmental requirements to which Andel Plumbing subscribes.
  • Preventing pollution and minimising the adverse effects if our activities.
  • Excellence and continual improvement in environmental performance, including conserving natural resources and ecological systems and enhancing them where practical.

Our commitments will be met by:

  • Providing appropriate services, resources and infrastructure to meet our stated objectives.
  • Identifying, assessing and managing our environmental risks.
  • Training and educating all employees all expenses and sub-contractors.
  • Developing and maintaining appropriate incident response plants and minimising the adverse environmental consequences of any accidents.
  • Promoting efficient use f resources and minimisation of waste.

Our environmental management system provides the framework for developing, implementing, monitoring and reviewing our environmental objectives, targets and actions


Andel Plumbing are fully covered by insurance to give piece of mind to clients, staff and management alike.  Insurance cover held includes the following:

  • General Business Insurance
  • Workers Compensation
  • Professional Indemnity – $5 Million
  • Motor Vehicle Insurance
  • Journey Insurance
  • Management Liability

If you require more information about any of these insurances, please contact us

Procedures and Documentation

With a large number of staff, contractors, job-sites, customers and assets it is imperative that Andel Plumbing are able to clearly and accurately document what happens on a daily basis. This is done to:

  • Provide documentary proof of adherence to relevant statutory regulations and acts.
  • Provide our clients with peace of mind that the business is fully aware of what works were performed, what timeframes they were completed in, what materials were used and what, if any, issues arose during the completion of the works.
  • Provide the Andel Plumbing team with feedback that can be used to improve our business in all areas of operation.

This is achieved through:

  • Site Diaries and Machinery Pre-start records are kept by each member of staff detailing their works on each day.
  • Daily start up and end of day meetings to discuss safety and security issues as well as provide details of works undertaken.
  • Regular toolbox meetings, with all staff present, to relay important information, advise of recent updates to procedures and keep all staff informed of what is happening in and around their business.
  • Regular Operational Management meetings to review the information gathered and make decisions to improve the business where required.

All this culminates in a well organised and informed business able to provide a professional and high quality service to our clients.

Terms of Trade

Andel Plumbing – Terms Of Trade