Industrial & Resource Plumbing

Industrial & Resource Plumbing

The Andels Plumbing team of highly skilled personnel provide innovative and individually tailored solutions for our Industrial and Resource Industry clients.  We provide a complete design, installation and maintenance service and provide:

Water, Sanitary and Drainage

We are able to design and install plumbing for mining camp accommodation, ablution facilities and effluent disposal.  We can also create systems to arrest industrial waste and separate oil and water for safe disposal.

Backflow Prevention

By using non return valves and reduced pressure zones, Andels Plumbing can stop contaminants flowing back into the water main, keeping the water supply pure.

Hot Tapping

This is an installation method where we can add connections to the mains without having to shut off the the flow, keeping production at optimum levels while still enabling plumbing expansions.

Poly Pipe Welding

Poly Pipe is used in industrial and resource plumbing due to its longer service life.  Poly Welding has proven to be the the most durable and cost effective way to upgrade existing works as well as installing new ones.  The team at Andels Plumbing is fully qualified and capable of providing this service.